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Mein Bhi Dilli: Campaign
Fact sheet on transportation

TUC prepared a factsheet on transportation for the Master plan 2041. The factsheet, prepared for public dissemination, aimed to highlight the key issues in transportation, the demands from the masterplan and laid out what an ideal people’s plan should have.

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Gender Mainstreaming
Sustainable Transport

This research is a part of the HVT Applied Research Programme. It aims to understand the impact of COVID-19 and curtailed public transport operations on women’s access and mobility.

Moving towards gender-equitable public transport operations in  post-COVID South Asia

This research is a compendium of case studies focusing on the external motivations and internal drivers that resulted in effective implementation. It aims to provide learnings for public transport authorities and operators in mainstreaming gender considerations into public transport operations and services. 

Good practices note on how to sustainably integrate gender considerations in transport policy and operations

Tip sheet: Gender inclusive urban transport in Asia

A gender tip sheet was created as a reference guide for ADB staff and consultants on how to mainstream gender considerations in the transport sector.

The study aims to assess women's safety in bus-based public transport and intermediate public transport in cities in Kerala. It will also create a data collection framework to mainstream gender in urban transportation.

Gender sensitive reforms in public transport in Kerala

Towards a gender inclusive electric mobility transition in India

This study assessed and provided recommendations to improve employment opportunities for women in the electric mobility sector, and the opportunities and barriers to electric vehicle adoption among women in India.

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