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Zero fatality corridor in Delhi

This action-oriented project aims to improve road safety on signature bridge for pedestrians and motorists alike through tactical urbanism and road design interventions.

Gender sensitive reforms in public transport in Kerala

The study aims to assess women's safety in bus-based public transport
and intermediate public transport in cities in Kerala. It will also create a
data collection framework to mainstream gender in urban transportation.

This assesses the extent to which road safety and the safe system is embedded in the standards, guidelines; existing legal, regulatory and policy framework at the national and subnational levels of a country. It identifies gaps in capacity and capacity building at the individual, organizational and institutional level. 

SUM4ALL: Embedding road safety into transport planning

A toolkit was prepared to guide the Chennai Gender Lab in the effective implementation of the Integrated Gender Program. The toolkit provides guidance on i) assessing the ground situation ii) Improving social and physical infrastructure iii) capacity building and raising awareness. 

Toolkit for building gender informed and safe transport services and urban spaces in Chennai

COVID 19: An opportunity to reform urban transport

Gender Mainstreaming
Sustainable Transport

The project- a part of HVT Applied Research Programme- will identify the levers to implement sustainable transportation in the current and post-COVID scenario and will create a manual of reforms and innovative transport solutions adopted by LICs to support the GoI in implementing and scaling up pilot projects. 

Tip sheet: Gender inclusive urban transport in Asia

A gender tip sheet was created as a reference guide for ADB staff and consultants on how to mainstream gender considerations in the transport sector.

The National Road Safety Programme aims to reduce road crash fatalities by 30% through concentrating on safe road infrastructure, safe vehicle standards, driver behaviour, road safety advocacy and enforcement of relevant laws, along with addressing the concerns of social and poverty reduction.

National road safety incentive programme

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