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Sustainable Transport

Gender-inclusive and socially inclusive design guidelines for public open spaces is created for coastal towns in Bangladesh. The guideline will be pilot-tested in the cities of Bagerhat and Kuakata and the project will also build capacity of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) and pourashavas in the region.

Climate-resilient and inclusive public space guidelines for coastal towns in Bangladesh

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Sustainable Transport

This research is a part of the HVT Applied Research Programme. It aims to understand the impact of COVID-19 and curtailed public transport operations on women’s access and mobility.

Moving towards gender equitable public transport operations in  post-COVID South Asia

A toolkit was prepared to guide the Chennai Gender Lab in the effective implementation of the Integrated Gender Program. The toolkit provides guidance on i) assessing the ground situation ii) Improving social and physical infrastructure iii) capacity building and raising awareness. 

Toolkit for building gender informed and safe transport services and urban spaces in Chennai

Future Cities, Future Women, Tbilisi

We created gendered urban planning indicators to measure spatial planning, infrastructure and services for the city of Tiblisi, Georgia.

This research is a compendium of case studies focusing on the external motivations and internal drivers that resulted in effective implementation. It aims to provide learnings for public transport authorities and operators in mainstreaming gender considerations into public transport operations and services. 

Good practices note on how to sustainably integrate gender considerations in transport policy and operations

Tip sheet: Gender inclusive urban transport in Asia

A gender tip sheet was created as a reference guide for ADB staff and consultants on how to mainstream gender considerations in the transport sector.

GESI Action Plans for metro-rail systems in India

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Action Plans have been created for multiple public transport systems in India. These include mainstreaming gender in the infrastructure, last mile connectivity and transit-oriented development proposals, along with the institutional strengthening of the implementing agency.

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation electric bus transition

This project comprises of gender and leave no one behind analyses to promote gender and social inclusion in public transport services, infrastructure, vehicles and functioning of Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation as it transitions to zero-emission bus technologies.

Gender sensitive reforms in public transport in Kerala

The study aims to assess women's safety in bus-based public transport
and intermediate public transport in cities in Kerala. It will also create a
data collection framework to mainstream gender in urban transportation.

The National Road Safety Programme aims to reduce road crash fatalities by 30% through concentrating on safe road infrastructure, safe vehicle standards, driver behaviour, road safety advocacy and enforcement of relevant laws.

National road safety incentive programme in India

Gender mainstreaming in MMI and TOD in Bangalore

We are advising BMRCL and DULT on incorporating a gender perspective in multi-modal integration and transit-oriented development plans for Phase 2A and 2B corridors.

Towards a gender inclusive electric mobility transition in India

This study assessed and provided recommendations to improve employment opportunities for women in the electric mobility sector, and the opportunities and barriers to electric vehicle adoption among women in India.

A 1.5-day training programme was created and facilitated for national and city officials and civil society organizations in Jordan on mainstreaming gender in public transport. The program was designed to include a technical presentation followed by brainstorming sessions on different stages of a public transport journey: access to and from a bus stop, waiting at the stop, boarding and alighting and travel inside the vehicle.

Equitable & sustainable transportation in Jordan

Capacity development:
Gender & social inclusion in public transport

Two capacity building sessions were conducted on gender and social inclusion in transport with government officials from Nagpur and Ahmedabad as part of the Mobilize Your City initiative.


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